Self-regulation in Everyday Life

Self-regulation in Everyday Life is a step-by-step guide for every person who wants to help children, 2 to 8 years of age, be better prepared for school and for life.  It makes that important shift from teaching specific behaviors to working on foundation skills in body, cognitive and emotional self-regulation. 

In Self-regulation in Everyday Life, self-regulation activities are suggested for everyday situations. You can include body, thinking and emotional self-regulation activities in your normal daily life. In just a few minutes every day, children can learn to become more confident, strategic and resourceful.

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Self-regulation in Everyday Life includes ways to identify self-regulation needs and check progress. There are also helpful guidelines for figuring out what to expect at each age level.

After purchasing the book, you’ll have access to a rich resource of materials, illustrations and internet and other sources coordinated with areas of focus.

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Self-regulation in Everyday Life is practical and systematic and provides all information and resources you need to start right away. Once you buy the book, you’ll have access to 16 resource files that include printable materials and internet resources.

Unique features of Self-regulation in Everyday Life

  • Focus on critical foundation skills for learning: behavioral (body), cognitive and emotional self-regulation – not just teaching children to calm themselves.
  • Emphasis on five major executive functions, the critical link that turns what the child knows into action – including Planning & organization, Inhibitory control, Working memory, Self-monitoring, Cognitive flexibility.
  • Teaching strategies to help children calm themselves, become more resilient and cope more easily in everyday setting.

Reviewer comments

“Self-regulation Everyday is an excellent resource for parents who may be struggling with the child that seems to be “all over the place” or parents that want to raise healthier, well-behaved, emotionally solid children”.

“Although this book focuses on neurotypical kids, parents of those on the (autism) spectrum will find this book useful too”.

“An excellent resource for parents who want to raise healthier, well-behaved, emotionally solid children”.

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Resources and samples for Self-regulation in Everyday Life:

Sample chapter – Chapter 1 of Self-regulation in Everyday Life

Sample activities – Chapter 4 activities for teaching body self-regulation

List of resource files available to people who buy the Self-Regulation in Everyday Life: Resources accompanying Self-regulation in Everyday Life

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