Some sensory resources to help regain self-regulation

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Here are some examples of objects that can help children regain self-regulation. There are many possibilities but I’ve included a few of my favorites. All are available on line from a variety of vendors – please do comparative shopping to get the best price and quality. 

  • Tents – indoor tents let children feel the comfort of a small, pleasant confined spaces. 
  • Lava lamps – watch the bubbles gurgle through
  • Liquid timers – watch the bubbles move up and down and around
  • Hammocks – get a soothing squeeze and move back and forth or side to side
  • Weighted blankets and objects – give soothing, centering pressure 
  • Earphones – block out sounds or channel favorite music/sounds 
  • Trampolines – get deep pressure by bouncing on the trampoline; get one with a handle bar so your child is less likely to fall
  • Ball pit – feel the balls enclosing around your body
IKEA HEMMAHOS Children's tent
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