Self-regulation around the house – the power of chores

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I really don’t like calling them chores because it makes helping around the house sound really boring and pretty much of a burden. That’s the last thing we want to communicate. I prefer calling them tasks or even jobs – they’re just things that need to be done so we can all live together in comfort. So let’s call them ‘jobs to be done’. 

Living together in a household means everyone needs to help it run smoothly. Even young children can do household jobs. Being responsible for even simple things builds children’s self-regulation. Being involved in ‘jobs to be done’ is helping children become more responsible adults. It’s never too early to start.

Let’s look at household jobs to be done for children from two to eight years of age. You’ll notice younger children need more supervision. They can star off helping you rather than doing some things on their own. Over time, stand back and let them try things out. Don’t expect perfection at first. With lots of practice, you’ll see improvement and more independence. Most children feel proud that they can help.

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