Cooking with self-regulation in mind

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Cooking and following recipes is a great way to work on self-regulation. There’s need to use all executive functions – planning and organization involved, inhibitory control, working memory, self-monitoring and cognitive flexibility. It’s also fun to eat what you make.

Here are some FREE internet resources that can help making cooking successful:

Your Special Chef – beautifully organized showing the foods and tools you’ll need to make the food. This is followed by photos with short step-by-step instructions. Some reading is required but the photos are fairly self-explanatory.

Visual recipes – this site presents recipes in a fairly traditional recipe format but with photos to support the written text. Reading is required. There are a lot of interesting and delicious-looking recipes.

Here is a book that looks interesting:

I Can Cook: A Visual Cookbook –  this book looks well-organized with good photos. Some reading may be required. 

There were a few other books that had good ratings but they didn’t show sample recipes. That made it really difficult to determine how useful the books might be.

Keep your eyes open for kids’ recipe books on sale tables. There are often some good bargains there. Look for books that are well-organized, show photos of ingredients and of step-by-step instructions, and use not too many printed words.

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